Sunday, July 24, 2011

Buen Provecho, Real tacos in the heart of London.

I was so happy to find Buen Provencho. Since moving back from the US I was worried I wouldn't be able to find decent tacos but luckily for me there is Arturo Ortega Rodriguez.
Out of a little stall on Lower Marsh beside Waterloo station three days a week he and his partner serve up delicious tacos straight from the streets of his native Mexico City.

I had pork which is tender shredded pork marinated and braised in orange and spices.
It's called Cochinita Pibil, beautifully silky pork braised to perfection and explodes like a porky pork porksplosion in your mouth.

I asked if the salsa was hot and the lady working there said I should try it first, so offered me a nacho to try it with. It's a medium spicy and there's free guacamole. He will put some refried beans on automatically so if you're not a fan, mention it.

My keyboard doesn't have a pound sign, but they're great value at 6 quid for 3.

Delicious pork, marinated to perfection, mexican salsa picante and a bit of guacamole.

I've since tried the chicken and chorizo too which, while not as spectacular, was very tasty.
They don't use two tortillas like they do in the US and Mexico which means eat it quick or it will explode all over you, and believe me. It's really messy so take some napkins. So glad to have found this place. Now if I can only convince them to try chorizo/lengua/sangrita tacos I'll be the happiest boy in London.