Friday, July 15, 2011

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Waterloo Millenium Green, London

I have passed by this guy for the last week but this morning had a rotten hangover (Thanks to leftover vodka from Glastonbury).
So I swung by this place and grabbed jerk chicken rice and peas.

Having visited Jamaica last year I was interested to see how they did it in England.
There's a nice chilled vibe to this guy's food tent, some music flowing from a stereo and his buddy relaxing beside him. You can get pumpkin rice or rice and peas. I went for jerk chicken and rice and peas (5 quid). He'll ask you what sauce you want. I asked for hot which was probably a mistake since it was 11.00am. Oh well.

It was authentic and awesome, Almost exactly like in Jamaica, there they give you bread with the chicken and no sauce on top. Be careful with the bones!

Nice way to (try) cure a hangover. (Even if I still have it...)

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